Winner of “Best Music” prize in Gamer’s Rhapsody/Composer Quest game jam.

Last month I took part in a game jam run by my favourite podcast “Composer Quest” and Minneapolis gaming festival “Gamer’s Rhapsody.”

A “game jam” is when group of game-makers get together and create games with a common theme within a short time period. The idea is that this injects a bunch of new ideas into the game developer community and opportunities to collaborate. These games sometimes go on to be polished after the game and released commercially, some remain a fun idea and great experience.


This game jam had the theme “I Barely Survived That Game Jam.” Game developers and composers created some great games, and these were exhibited at the Gamer’s Rhapsody convention to a panel comprising of Emily Reese (Joon Media, Top Score Podcast) and Tim Turi (Game Informer). You can download and play the games from the Composer Quest blog page here.

The game I contributed to (“Pixels At An Exhibition”) was awarded the prize of “Best Music.” This game is more of a playable pixel art and music gallery than a game. 21 composers from around the world provided music for the game to compliment beautiful pixel art by Will Tice from unTied Games. These pieces of music have been compiled and released (for FREE) as an album on bandcamp. I’m track number 8 if you wanna have a listen. 🙂

Download and play the game for free on this link.

A huge thank you to Charlie McCarron from Composer Quest, and to Gamer’s Rhapsody for this really fun experience. I look forward to jamming again soon.


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