Signed on to do full soundtrack for Keep Defence game

Signed on to do full soundtrack for Keep Defence game

Good news everyone! I’ve signed on to do the full soundtrack for the tower defence/trading card game “Keep Defence.” The game will have a 40 hour campaign to accompany the online gaming component. I’m really looking forward to creating a musical world for the game.

We could really use your help though. The game is going to Steam Greenlight at the moment and could really use your support. If you have a Steam account I’d love it if you could visit this page and click “Yes” to the question “Would you buy this game if it were available on Steam.” There’s no obligation to actually purchase, but by showing your support it proves to Steam that there is a market for the game and that they should release it upon completion.

What is the game and how do you play it? Check out the trailer and gameplay overview videos below. You’ll also get to hear the music I’ve created for the game so far.

And here is the link to the Steam Greenlight page again in case you’d like to support the game and help it get approved by Steam.



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