Global Game Jam 2016 (post #2: “Gotana”)

Global Game Jam 2016 (post #2: “Gotana”)

One of the games I composed for this year at Global Game Jam (if you’re unsure what this is, see my previous post) was a game called “Gotana” (a play-on-words combining Goats with Katanas) created by Paul Taylor (Engineering), Kid Kerrigan (Producer, UI) and Gavin Platt (Code, Design).

It’s a fruit ninja styled game in which you cut up goats with (get this) a real sword! Well, wooden sword, but that’s still impressive.


To achieve this they used the Unity engine and “Home made Motion tracking Katanas … and Receiver are arduino-based micro-computers connected by a 2.4Ghz Wireless(Not WiFi) link.”



For the music they wanted a Kill Bill styled track that was 1min in length and built in intensity. I decided to go with distorted bass, jazz drumming, brass, and that iconic siren of death. Listen below.


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