Global Game Jam 2016 (post #3: “Freedom”)

Global Game Jam 2016 (post #3: “Freedom”)

Freedom is an Oculus rift-compatible first person experience about the nature and benefits of creativity.”
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Freedom was created by Rowan McDonald-Nyland (design), Richard Ritchie (art, design) and Nathan Jennings (programming). These guys were amazing to work with and it really felt like a collaborative experience that both sides (music and game design) benefitted from.

The game is compatible with Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset) and begins in a blank apartment with little but a “to do list.” Completing this list of everyday tasks progresses you to the next day. However if you start to explore other creative tasks in the rooms, you find that the following day your apartment is starting to fill with colour and details.



To mirror this idea the music begins with synthetic instruments and bitcrushed drums. As the player starts to make more creative choices the music becomes more organic/orchestral and lifts in key. This enhances this feeling that things have changed for the better within the environment.

The example music I have uploaded is a shorted version of the music so that you can hear the five distinct sections of music. Each section has been shorted except for the final section which contains all melodic and harmonic ideas.

Freedom can be downloaded and played on windows computers through this link.



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