Global Game Jam 2016 (post #4: “Festival of Realms”)

Global Game Jam 2016 (post #4: “Festival of Realms”)

“The annual Festival of Realms celebrates the three cornerstones of the Lost Realms faith. Family, Knowledge and Appreciation. You are on a journey to find yourself. By attending the festival and talking to the local vendors, you hear more about their faith, and the traditions they have surrounding this festival. Will this help you find where you belong?”
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“Festival of Realms” was made by Pritika Sachdev (Producer & Writer), Mandy Bo (Artist & Animator) and Monica Dunne (Programmer & Designer). The first thing that struck me was the art style of this beautiful and sentimental point and click adventure. I was so thrilled to create the music for this. You can download and play this game on PC from the Global Game Jam website. (What’s Global Game Jam? Check out my post on it here)


I decided to use atmospheric reverb-soaked piano to create a delicate sentimental piece of music to match the art style.


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