Global Game Jam 2016 (post #5: “Bryony)

Global Game Jam 2016 (post #5: “Bryony)

“There is no map to human behaviour”. Bryony is a side-scrolling, RPG where you experience what life can be like for 2.3% of the world’s population at some point in their lives. Movement and interaction is via mouse control (click to move directions, click on objects in-game) with story and objectives given to you every day. You must get through each day, no matter the anguish and pain. Remember, you can do this. There is hope. – Global Game Jam Website.

With this track I had the pleasure to collaborate with the amazing Aaron C. Edwards. He’s an amazing gaming composer and worth checking out.

The team for this game was made up of staff from the gaming company Firemonkeys (Electronic Arts mobile off-shoot). They put together an amazing game in such a short period of time.

Emma Siu

Level Design/Programming
Gareth Campbell

Environmental Art
Aladar Apponyi

Character Art/Animation
Alastair Richardson

Systems Programming
Ian Uniacke

Sound Effects
Jason Foord

You can download the game and play it on PC here.


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