Recent Sound Design/Composition Work With Boost Juice

Recent Sound Design/Composition Work With Boost Juice

Over the past couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of working with animator Edward Roche on some online advertisements for juice company Boost Juice. These have been a great experience in both sound design and composition.

Making a Smoothie

The first was a campaign in the style of documentary “Making a Murderer.” If you’ve seen the documentary series you will notice the parody aspects of the video. The music was a collaboration between myself and cellist Madeleine Becker.
Posted by Boost Juice on Monday, 28 March 2016



Making A SmoothieWrongfully compared? You decide.
This hurts us to our core 󾁛


Free the Fruit

This is the trailer for the mobile app “Free the Fruit” created by Boost Juice. I created all sound effects and music (except for the pirate calypso theme shown during gameplay footage).

Posted by Boost Juice on Friday, 19 February 2016

Boost Juice Free The Fruit AppOne minute Mango Man was enjoying a lovely brekkie with Katy Berry, then >POP< she’s gone!
Boost Juice blend millions of fruit each year, coincidence? Mango Man thinks not!

Download Free The Fruit now to free the fruit from fruit-killing Boost Juice!


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