Global Game Jam 2017

Global Game Jam 2017

In mid January this year I had the pleasure of taking part in Global Game Jam 2017 in Melbourne. It’s an amazing event whereby teams of creatives make a working prototype of a game within a 48 hour timeframe. The event is unique in it’s size as an “In-Real-Life” game jam. Check out all about it on this link (and download thousands of free indie games).

This year I somehow managed to contribute music/sfx to nine games in total. It was an exhausting weekend but so much fun thanks to all the organisers and amazing jammers.

Below you can find all the games I worked on and excerpts of the music/sfx I created. I’ll keep the write up very brief, but click on the title of each game to get more information and download it.


Dead Tired.

Westcoast Waverider

Bort the Bat.

Nice to Greet You.

Welcome! You’ve just arrived at the party, ready to host your guests. Wait, you’ve never been here before? You don’t know anyone? You’ll be fine. Probably. Nice to Greet You is an awkward dinner party memory game. Greet the incoming guests with your best catchy words, making sure you get the right greeting for the right groovy guest (use your trusty Menu to figure out which greetings works for the right accessesory.) Each guest and greeting is randomly generated each playthrough. Get too many guests unhappy with your terrible small talk skills, and the party is over (thank god it wasn’t /your/ party, right?)

Seaside Chow.


An iPhone game for Ivy. Tilt the device to surf the waves.



Neuromend by Team Spacr from Sound Librarian on Vimeo.

Geiger Gunners.

Shoot mutants, but not too much or they’ll mutate…
For this project I created the mutation sound effects.



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