Neuromend now available on iOS and Android

Neuromend now available on iOS and Android

Earlier in the year I took part in Global Game Jam in Melbourne (read more about it on this post). One of the great games I had the pleasure of creating music for has been polished up and released on iOS and Android. Grab it now for free! iOS Android

It is a memory game for two or more players on a single mobile device. Help retired henchmen and sidekicks regain the skills to integrate back into society!

The fantastic team behind this game:

Writer: Anna Irwin-Schutze.

Coding: Jacqui Hyslop and Timothy Pattulock.

Artists: Jennifer Reuter and Simon Wall

Music: Adam Scott-McGuinness

Sound Design: Anna Irwin-Schutze


Phone: 0408 306 141


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